WiMAX: A Reality Check

November 19, 2004
331 Uris Hall

Columbia Business School

WiMAX, the standard for the next generation of broadband wireless, will soon be upon us, and may prove as disruptive as its older cousin, WiFi.  This CITI conference will place the buzz about WiMAX in context and test the technical, economic, and regulatory mettle of this new technology.

Uris Hall, Room 331


Welcome - Ben Bloom, CITI

Opening remarks - Eli Noam, CITI



Rural landscape - the last 10 miles - Gene Miller, DVI, Ltd



Impact on cellular mobile providers. - Raul Katz, Booz Allen Hamilton


Lunch- Calder Lounge, Uris Hall

107 Jerome Greene Hall

12:45-1:30 Business models for WiMAX service providers  


Municipal WiMAX?- Lara Tilmanis, Intel

Uses for Emergency Communications- Muneo Kaigo, University of Tsukuba

Discussant: Heather Hudson



How would unlicensed WiMAX entry work? - Ken Carter, FCC

WiMAX internationally -Joe Nordgaard, International 450 Association


3:30-3:45 Past wireless loop efforts: lessons - A. Michael Noll, USC