October 22, 2007

       Presentations from The State of Telecom - 2007 are now
       available online. To access conference documents, please
       click here.

       October 12, 2007

       To record the success of our intern program,and the
       projects/activities of a full working summer, CITI has
       produced a commemorative "journal." The full document
       can be viewed here:
       CITI Summer Journal 2007.

       August 16, 2007

       Video of Smart Radio, Smart Markets, and Policies now
       hosted online! To view the video, please visit the
       Smart Radio event page.

  3rd Transatlantic Telecom Forum: "Net Neutrality vs. Separation" (with IDATE)
November 14 & 15, 2007 - Montpellier, France
The Impact of User-Generated Content on Network and Media Companies
February 29, 2008 - Columbia University
  Ultrabroadband Networks IV
April 3 & 4, 2008 - Paris, France
  Location Based Services
April 11, 2008 - Columbia University


     October 2, 2007

Eli Noam: Economics 2.0? A Business Primer on Virtual Worlds
Published in The Financial Times Online - In August 2007, the digital world experienced a first: a genuine run on a bank located on the “virtual world” Second Life. As depositors rushed to withdraw their funds from the shadowy Ginko Financial, their predicament drew much attention. But far from identifying it as a calamity, to many commentators it confirmed the faithfulness of the computer simulation: after all, the real world had long experienced insolvencies, too..... [ read more ]

   July 30, 2007

Free the Edge
Published in The Financial Times Online - Imagine an electric power utility that owns or controls all electric devices you plug in, from lamps to computers to TV sets and clock radios. They must either be rented from the utility or be on a short-list of approved devices. Laughable? Repressive? But that was the way electric companies operated in their early years.... [ read more ]

   June 14, 2007

Eli Noam: A Paradoxical Free Trade Agreement
Published in The Financial Times Online - On April 1, the US and South Korea signed a free trade agreement, the most important such pact for both countries in a long time. At stake is a bilateral trade of $70bn, the alleviation of a US deficit of over $13bn, and a potential model for more open markets in other Asian countries.... [ read more ]

   April 25, 2007

Eli Noam: Public Telecoms 2.0: The Return of the state
Published in The Financial Times Online - The time has come to engage in a new discussion on the role of the state in the next generation of electronic communications... [ read more ]

   February 19, 2007

Eli Noam: Private equity is a problem for public media
Published in The Financial Times Online - When many telecommunications and television networks were privatised in the 1980s, there was much public debate. Today, a second wave of media privatisation is sweeping the world... [ read more ]

   December 29, 2006

Eli Noam: Telecommunications leadership changes guard
Published in The Financial Times Online - Every three or four years, the world's telecommunications industry converges in an extravaganza organised by its global coordinator, the International Telecommunication Union... [ read more ]

   October 24, 2006

Eli Noam: TV regulation will become telecom regulation
Published in The Financial Times Online - What will the regulation of television look like in the future? That question is on the minds of policymakers and media companies around the world... [ read more ]

   August 29, 2006

Eli Noam: A third way for net neutrality
Published in The Financial Times Online - “Net neutrality” has been a hot topic in Washington and expert conclaves, like one recently held by the Aspen Institute.... [ read more ]