The aim of the conferences is to organize and catalyze academic research, to present it to an industry/government/academic/nonprofit audience, and to provide feedback and commentary from speakers from those sectors.

Upcoming 2007 Events

3rd Transatlantic Telecom Forum: "Net neutrality vs. Separation" (with IDATE)
November 14 & 15, 2007

Impact of User-Generated Content on Network and Media Companies
February 29, 2008

Ultrabroadband IV (Paris, France)
April 3 & 4, 2008

Location Based Services
April 11, 2008

Latin American Telecom
April 14, 2008

Telecom budgets and cost-cutting/Human Resource needs in telecom w/ Conference Board
June, 2008

Telecom Act of 2010 and Policy Issues for the Next Decade
September, 2008

Ultrabroadband V (Seoul, Korea)
October, 2008

25 Years of CITI Gala
October 30, 2008

State of Telecom 2008: A Trans-Atlantic Dialogue (with IDATE)
October 31, 2008

Optimal Rural Telecom Company Structure and Universal Service
2008, Date TBA

The Impact of User-Generated Content on Traditional Media Industries
2008, Date TBA

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