Digital Television: Beyond HD & DTV

Columbia Institute for Tele-Information

Columbia Business School
Room L107 Warren Hall
Amsterdam Ave (between 115 & 116)
November 2, 2007

To download all conference presentations, click here: CITI DTV Presentations. For individual presentations, when available, see below.

This conference will analyze the next generation of digital television technology, beyond today's high-definition and digital TV.

The evolution of television from analog to digital technology has been underway for more than half a century. It is not standing still. Even today's digital technology is enabling a myriad of new entertainment possibilities. From jumbotrons in cyberspace to dimensionalized viewing experiences, digital technology is changing television.

In consequence, new metrics that reflect real value propositions for advertisers are emerging. Capturing a viewer's interactions with content is the new reality. The traditional mass media provider--broadcasters, cable and satellite companies--are being joined by the telephone and mobile companies. They are delivering video content, incorporating Internet offerings, and providing TV on the go.

How will quality content be monetized in such a future? What is the role of user-generated content?

How will broadcasters and cable companies handle customer transitions from analog standard to digital and super-digital? Will content still be king or will the conduits gain the upper hand? How will agencies sell advertising across several media platforms?

This conference analyzes the next digital television evolution: its impacts on the economics of the TV industry, its significance for content creation from Hollywood blockbusters to You Tube, the changing role of the consumer, and what's coming next to a theatre near you.


9:00 - 9:20am Registration
9:20 - 9:25am Welcome
  • Darcy Gerbarg, Senior Fellow, CITI; Adj. Faculty, New York University; Exec. Dir. CineGrid, Inc.
9:25 - 9:40am


The Fourth Generation of Television

  • Eli Noam, Director, CITI; Professor of Finance and Economics, Columbia Business School - [Presentation]
9:40 -11:30am Entertainment Industry Economics

New Metrics: Developing Standardized Measurements for New Content Usage

  • Lydia Loizides,Vice President New Media, Paradigm
  • Scott Brown, Senior Vice President, Strategic Relationships, Marketing and Technology Nielsen Media Research - [Presentation]

Broadcasters: Creating and Monetizing Content

  • Shelly Palmer, Managing Director, Advanced Media Ventures Group LLC

From Habits to Choice - The Expanding Horizons of Multi Platform TV Viewing

  • Gali Einav, Director of Digital Technology Research , NBC

A New Media World

  • Ann Reiten, Vice President, Global Media & Entertainment Solutions, IBM Sales and Distribution - [Presentation]

Moderator: John Heywood, Assistant Director, CITI

11:30 - 11:45am Morning Break
11:45am - 12:30pm

Technical Issues: Content Creation and Distribution

HD For Everyone and Over the Net

HD Production; The Devils in the Details

  • Steve Rutt, President, Goodman/Rutt

"White Space"

  • Monisha Ghosh, Principal Member of Research Staff, Philips Research USA - [Presentation]
Moderator: Darcy Gerbarg, Senior Fellow, CITI; Adj. Faculty, New York University; Exec. Dir. CineGrid, Inc.

12:30 - 1:45pm


4K Content Creation and Distribution

  • Laurin Herr, President, Pacific Interface

1:45 - 2:45pm

Content I

The Content Question: Video on the Net

  • Jeffery Hart, Professor, Indiana University - [Presentation]

P2P Content: Long and Short Form, Interactivity

  • John Carey, Professor, Fordham Business School


  • Terry Denson, Vice President, FiOS TV Content Strategy & Acquisition, Verizon Communications - [Presentation]


  • Craig Cuttner, Senior Vice President, Advanced Technology, HBO - [Presentation]

Moderator: Elias Aravantinos, Project Manager, CITI; Adj. Faculty, Queens College; Exec. Dir. ExelixisNet

2:45 - 3:30pm Content II

New Entrants: YouTube, Joost, Glide Digital and Others

  • Yaron Samid, Pando, Meet-up Web 2.0

    User-Generated Content

  • Joy Marcus, General Manager, Dailymotion, US - [Presentation]

  • Advertising in a Digital World: Japan

  • Phil Satoshi Kono, Interactive Producer, Dentsu, Japan

Moderator: Jennie Bourne, Managing Director, Revolutionetworks


3:30 - 3:45pm

Afternoon Break

3:45 - 4:45pm

Legal and Regulatory issues

Spectrum Policy and the Public Interest

  • Ellen Goodman, Professor, Rutgers University School of Law - [Presentation]

Cable's perspective

  • Michael Schooler, VP and Deputy General Counsel, NCTA


  • Bill Rosenblatt, President, GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies

Moderator: Robert Atkinson, Director Policy Research, Columbia Institute for Tele-Information

4:45 - 4:55pm

Wrap Up

Perspective on the future

  • Darcy Gerbarg, Senior Fellow, CITI; Adjunct Faculty, New York University; Executive Director CineGrid, Inc.
4:55pm Reception


  • Darcy Gerbarg, Senior Fellow, CITI; Adjunct Faculty, New York University; Executive Director CineGrid, Inc.
  • John Heywood, Assistant Director, CITI
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