European Lessons in Liberalization: The German Experience in Telecommunications & Internet Applications
February 16, 1999
Columbia University.
Hosted by the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information.

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About the Conference

In 1998, the "Big Bang" of telecommunications liberalization in the European Union opened markets to competition. It is estimated by some that in 1998, competitive carriers grew to handle as much as 30% of long distance traffic in Germany. Mr. Börnsen is one of the "Commissioners" of the German Regulatory Authority as well as a past parliamentary architect of the telecommunications reform act.

  • What are the trends in European competition?
  • What are the problems of Internet and E-commerce?
  • What are the issues facing the regulatory authorities in Europe?
  • What are the problems of implementation?
  • What is the role of US companies?

A copy of Arne Börnsen's Speech on the State of Liberalization of Telecommunications in Germany is available here. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Keynote Speaker:
Arne Börnsen, Executive Vice President,
German Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Posts


  • Douglas A. Conn, Vice President and Senior Analyst, Lehman Brothers
  • Bruce L. Egan, Economist, Senior Affiliated Research Fellow - CITI
  • Eli M. Noam, Professor, Columbia University, Director - CITI
  • Michael D. Pelcovits, Director - Economic Analysis, MCI WorldCom

Organized by

The Columbia Institute for Tele-Information