Professor Eli M. Noam

Professor Noam is a Professor of Finance and Economics at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business.


B8217/B7217 - Management in the Media and Information Industries: Integrating the MBA Approaches

No Prerequisites
(terms offered: fall, spring)

The course takes an innovative approach, bringing together many of the strands of the entire MBA/EMBA program and applying them to one of the most dynamic of industry sectors - media, information and communications. In doing so, it is also a "capstone course" for the business curriculum and thus useful for managers, entrepreneurs, investors, creators, marketers, and advertisers, even if they do not aim for a career in this sector.

Lecture topics are media finance; content production; demand measurement; pricing of information; intellectual asset management; accounting and valuation; HRM; technology management; entertainment law; information sector strategies; and more.

For each of these functions we assemble a set of MBA tools and a set of societal perspectives. Examples for the tools are Portfolio Theory; Optimal Capital Structure; Project Valuation; Demand Estimation; Capacity Planning; Advertising Budgeting; etc. We will cover several media industries throughout the course, from film & theater, to print & TV, to telecom & internet.

In terms of format, the course provides lectures, cases, and invited experts from industry. Lectures are also fully available online in video, audio and text formats, enabling off-site review.

B9377-005 - Master Class Communications, Internet, & Media

The course consists of supervised team projects of students with companies. It includes lectures on how to do consulting and for thinking about the business dynamics, drivers, technologies, and policy framework of the telecom/internet/media industries. There will also be analyses of notable success and failure stories, with the participation of industry insiders, in order to provide teams with a sufficient basis for their consulting assignments. Teams interested in entrepreneurialism will focus on the internet, new media, and content projects. Teams oriented to finance and strategy will work with established telecom and media companies that are trying to adapt to new challenges. In the aggregate, the projects will provide understanding and skills for dealing with management challenges in a sector characterized by rapid change and boom-bust cycles, and to integrate the MBA curriculum with management practice in a feedback loop. Teams will be asked to account for the MBA tools they have utilized in the process. Each consulting team will deliver a written report and presentation to senior management at the company, and to their fellow students.

B8599-007 - International Media Business

No Prerequisites
(terms offered: spring)

This course deals with the international aspects of communications industries and information flows. It provides tools and analysis for several media: film production and distribution; TV, cable and satellite; print and online publishing; global telecom and mobile networks; and broadband Internet. It covers such global topics as e-commerce; storage technology and music; transformation of old media; and entertainment law and intergovernmental regulatory policy; trade in copyrights and patents; privacy protection and international information flows. In terms of the format, the course provides lectures, cases and invited experts. Lectures are available online in video, audio and text formats, enabling off-site study.

Textbook on Management of Media and Communications

Prof. Noam is completing a textbook on the economics and management of media, and of managing in the information economy. The textbook follows a novel approach along horizontal functional management lines rather than along vertical industry lines.

Chairman, MBA Concentration in Media Management, Columbia University, 1994-2003

Faculty Committee of the university-wide Ph.D. Program in Communication

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