Michael A. Einhorn
  Michael A. Einhorn has been a Senior Research Fellow at the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information, where he has been engaged since 1986. Besides work at Columbia, Dr. Einhorn is an economic consultant and testifying expert active in the areas of intellectual property, media, entertainment, licensing, valuation, and antitrust, as well as a professor of corporate entrepreneurship at the Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. He authored the book Media, Technology, and Copyright: Integrating Law and Economics (Edward Elgar Publishers), edited three more, researched over fifty professional articles, and lectured in Canada, Great Britain, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Sri Lanka, China, and Japan.

He has worked at Bell Laboratories, consulted to Argonne National Laboratories, the World Bank, and Telcordia, advised on matters related to wireless technologies, and assisted in litigation related to semiconductors and medical technologies. As a copyright damages expert, he has consulted to inventors, publishers, songwriters, composers, cartoonists, sculptors, photographers, architects, artists, record labels, movie producers. and screenwriters. He has testified, counseled, published articles, or lectured in music rights, fair use, data mining, royalties, damages, hyperlinking, file-sharing, and digital rights management.

He received a Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University, served previously on the faculty at Rutgers University, and taught as an adjunct at Columbia, Fordham, and Rutgers Law School. .

Ph. (973) 618-1212; email: mae@mediatechcopy.com