Exploring Media Content Strategies in Mobile Communication Markets
CITI Seminar
306 Uris Hall, Columbia Business School

Wednesday March 28, 2001
1:30 to 2:30 PM

About the Workshop

Mobile communication is spreading rapidly. Its use and its applications are moving beyond simple point-to-point voice to text, pictures, graphs, audio, and video. Some forecasts predict that by the year 2005, the number of mobile phones will surpass TV sets and may become the primary means of accessing the Internet. The creation of the appropriate content is, therefore, a key driver in the development of a next-generation mobile infrastructure. As a consequence, media content providers are in the process of developing strategies for mobile distribution.

This seminar will analyze the impact of mobile communication on media management and assess strategic options for content providers. It will address questions, such as: What are the characteristics of the mobile content market? Who are the players and what type of business strategies do they have? Is technology pushing or are consumers pulling new media products and services? Are consumers willing to pay for mobile content? Is a new medium emerging? It will present a theoretical framework for the management of mobile media content and discuss the design of a survey to obtain empirical evidence for strategic changes in the mobile communication industry.