Mobile Media Marketing: Translating Consumer Behavior into Business Strategy
CITI Workshop
142 Uris Hall, Columbia Business School

Tuesday March 20, 2001
6:00 to 8:00 PM

About the Workshop

The provision of mass media content over next generation 3G mobile networks is being envisioned as an exciting new application of new media. But its key success drivers remain uncertain. Will serving mobile content be highly profitable or a money-losing business? The media employs various buzzwords such as m-trading, mobile multiplayer games, and mobile movies and creates high expectations. Yet the demand for mobile content tends to be assumed rather than demonstrated, and the reality may disappoint. Given the importance of context-driven content, consumer behavior studies are of direct relevance to business strategy. What are consumers’ motivations for using mobile interactivity? Are fixed Internet users ready to pay for mobile content? How can media companies monetize their popular brands in the wireless space? Will permission-based advertising be the main source of revenue or will m-commerce drive revenue streams? Is voice-activated content the next killer app? Can DoCoMo’s i-mode success in Japan be replicated in Europe and the US?

This workshop will bring together experts from consumer research, academia and the media industry to discuss their findings and experiences. It will focus on demand for 3G media content and the development of viable mobile business models for media companies. Panelists will include:

  • Robbie Blinkoff, President, Context-Based Research Group
  • Tammy Sachs, President, Sachs Communications Group
  • Kathryn Harrigan, Professor of Business Leadership, Columbia Business School Presentation
  • Bertil Thorngren, Director, Center for Information and Communications Research, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Andrew Hatcher, Vice President, Reuters America
  • Hubert Jakob, VP Business Development, Bertelsmann eCommerce Group
  • Joe Sabol, Director of Advertising, AvantGo
  • Valerie Feldmann, Visiting Doctoral Fellow, CITI (Moderator)