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Broadband as a Video Platform: Strategies for Africa
22 & 23 May 2012
Lusaka, Zambia

This conference examines the role and prospects of broadband in Africa as a video platform - the strategies and building blocks for deployment and advancement. According to the World Bank, the growth of international internet connectivity in Africa has outpaced the global average by nearly 2 to 1. But a new challenge is already ahead: the next-generation of broadband networks capable of video applications.

While it may seem that such networks and their applications are not a realistic scenario for developing countries, it would be short-sighted and economically dangerous to ignore the emerging trends. The pace of introduction of next-gen networks in industrialized countries is rapid and the developing world will not stand aside. The risks of falling behind are great, and in any country there will be parts of business and society who wish to forge ahead. Policy makers and networks need to be prepared. Media companies and broadcasters, in particular, must be alert to the new developments, as should be medical and educational institutions. The availability of advanced high-speed business application tools in a country will affect its participation in international transactions and its economic growth.

This conference discusses how broadband deployment as a platform with sufficient speed for video may be encouraged by public policy and regulation. It will discuss how investment in broadband for this and related purposes can improve the quality of life and experience in Sub Saharan Africa in media and data, while being a financeable, commercially sound business.

This conference is for:
Fixed line and mobile carriers in Sub-Saharan Africa and those who want to explore this space; content providers and related industry participants; researchers in academia and the private sector; programming aggregators and distributors; infrastructure and network providers and integrators; solutions companies; telecoms ministers and media regulators; telecoms and communications policy experts and planners; portfolio investors and private equity experts in communications and media; enterprise CEO's and executives responsible for corporate image and growth, services, as well as advanced services, IT, and marketing.

Invited speakers include: university researchers, members of international multilaterals, global infrastructure builders and integrators, African carriers, content and application providers, African education, health and media professionals, software and systems innovators investing in Africa, and finance industry strategists and investors. The conference presentations will result in a book edited by Judith O'Neill, Esq. Conference Chair and Program Coordinator, and Professor Eli Noam, Conference Co - Organizer and Director of Columbia University's CITI.


Day 1: 22 May 2012: Intercontinental Hotel

8:30 Plenary Session
Conference Welcome and Speaker Introduction: Judith O'Neill, CITI Advisory Board, COO CMAS Holdings LLC
Conference Opening and Welcome to Zambia: The Honourable Minister Yamfwa Mukanga, Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications of Zambia
Keynote Presentation: The Cost of Not Moving Swiftly: Director Brahima Sanou, Director of Development Bureau, International Telecommunications Union
Keynote Presentation: The Strategy and Progress of Broadband as a Video Platform in South Africa: The Honourable Deputy Minister Stella Tembisa Ndabeni, Deputy Minister of Communications, Department of Communications, South Africa
The Role of Internet Video and Media in Emerging Economies: Professor Eli Noam, Director and Founder, Columbia Institute for Tele-Information, Columbia University Business School

Morning Session Panel: Getting the Policy Right: Judith O'Neill, Moderator

10:00 Why The Time is Now to Adopt Policies to Deploy Video Broadband in Sub Saharan Africa: Examples of International policy and deployment best practices outside of and inside of Africa.
Dr. Raul Katz, Columbia University

10:20 The Current Status of broadband and importance of Next Gen Broadband in Africa as an engine for Economic Growth:
Dr. Tim Kelly, Lead ICT Policy Specialist, Infodev, the World Bank

10:45 Demand-Side Needs and How to Fill Them: Unaddressed Demand for Next Generation Broadband: The Need to Eliminate Regulatory Policies Blocking Growth.
Dr. Alison Gillwald, Executive Director Research ICT Africa and Adjunct Professor UCT Graduate School of Business, Management of Infrastructure Reform and Regulation

11:05 The Importance of Being Proactive for Developing Countries: Director General Zambia Information Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), Mrs. Margaret Chalwe-Mudenda

11:20 - 12:05 Discussants:
Comparative Catalytic Impact: Robert Schumann, Analysys Mason

Powering the Tools of Learning: Bonny Khunga, CEO, ZAMREN, UBUNTUNET Alliance


12:30 AT&T-Sponsored Conference Luncheon
Luncheon Speaker: Martin Phelps , AT&T Director Strategy and Market Development for Europe, Middle East and Africa; "Technology Trends for Connecting African Businesses for Accelerated Prosperity"

Afternoon Session Presentations: The Business Case: Moderator Darcy Garberg, Advisory Board, CITI, founder DVI, Digital Video

14:00 The Cost of Deploying A Successful Video Broadband Business in Africa and the Cost of Not Deploying: Domestic and Transborder Implications and Applications:
Ben Akoh, Project Manager, International Institute for Sustainable Development

14:20 Business Applications for High Speed Internet:
Nic Rudnick, CEO Liquid Telecommunications Group, London, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

14:45 The Business Case for Broadband Video in South Africa:
Dr. Andrew Barendse, Group Executive Regulatory Affairs, Telkom South Africa, Ltd.


15:35 The Central Role of Mobile Services: Moderator Judith O'Neill, COO General Counsel, CMAS Alerts
What to Expect in Systems and Application Capability: Brian Arendse, Ericsson sub Saharan Africa (Pty) Ltd. Strategy, Government and Industrial Relations.
Broadband as a Driver to Business Growth and Subscriber Retention: Fayaz King, Managing Director Airtel Zambia

17:00 Conference Day Conclusions Roundtables

19:00 Conference Dinner Sponsored by Airtel Zambia

Day 2: 23 May 2012 Intercontinental Hotel

Morning Session Presentations: Delivering the Applications and Content, Moderator, Darcy Garberg

9:00 Innovations in Technology: Benefits to be Realized in Africa by the Properly Managed, Albeit Inherently Disruptive, Deployment of Next Gen Broadband:
Indra de Lanerolle, University of Witwatersrand, internet and film production;

9:20 Implications of Broadband video on national and international media systems, including growth of local content
Professor Olivier Nana Nzepa, University of Yaounde, Cameroon

9:40 Q&A

10:00 Breakout Group:
Media/Video Support for African Business: Discussion led by Eric H. Loeb, AT&T Vice President for International External Affairs; Chair International Chamber of Commerce Task Force on Internet and Telecommunications SALON 1
11:00 Tea Break

11:15 Applications of Next Gen Broadband video in health, commercial/conference ing and public services: Moderated Panel
  • E-Government and social-economic development: Mantai Murry, E-Government Expert, Analysys Mason, Africa Region, South Africa
  • Remote Diagnoses and Medical Care Support: Steven Normandin, President AMD Global Telemedicine, American Telemedicine College Fellow
  • Video Conferencing and Other Remote Work Places: Paul Nakitta, VP Infrastructure for Africa Services, Emerging Markets Communications (EMC)

  • Q & A

    12:45 Industry-Sponsored Luncheon: Courtesy of Liquid Telecommunications Group

    Afternoon Session Presentations: Financing Support and Strategies

    14:30 The Role of Investment Funds in Africa: Making the Case for Investment in Network Deployment to Support Broadband Capabilities – Costs and Returns, Risks and Rewards:
    Emile du Toit, Sector Specialist Communications Information Technology, Harith Fund Managers, South Africa

    15:00 Attracting Investment: How to Compete for Domestic and Foreign and Direct Investment in an Increasingly Competitive Funding Environment: Melissa Cook, CEO African Sunrise Partners, LLC

    16:00 Closing Remarks:
    Professor Eli Noam, Director, CITI, Columbia University, New York, Judith O'Neill CMAS Alerts, New York and Partnering Professors

    19:00 Industry-Sponsored Closing Dinner: sponsored by Emerging Markets Communications

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